About Alexey

Nationality: Ukrainian
Height: 178 cm / 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 78 kg / 172 lbs

Alexey has long been fascinated with making things explode. He has a degree in chemistry and has been putting it to good use both teaching the art of improvising explosives to the troops, and working in the lab to improve explosive devices for the military.

He was sent to the agency after an experiment went a little too far, turning the test lab into a crater and causing millions in damage. At the agency his comfort with the unconventional has proved valuable. He is the go-to person when a device needs to be neutralized, or when one needs to be created out of what's available.

Alexey was recruited after being on the watch list and under surveillance for years. FLEA concluded that he just liked making things go boom and harbored no ill intent.

Extreme caution is recommended before touching or moving anything on Alexey's desk. Entering his quarters uninvited is not recommended.

In his free time he plays chess and is working on his Candidate Master title with FIDE.

Alexey is a gentle giant, very caring and protective of his friends. He's not easily angered and has a near-infinite reserve of patience, which is a good fit for his profession.