Genetically-enhanced spy squad

Spy DNA is a tactical squad RPG that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation.

The game plays about 70 years in the future, and gives you command of a squad of genetically-enhanced super-spies with unique talents.

Click on agents’ portraits on the left to read their background stories and what makes them uniquely valuable for the team.

When the genetic enhancement research is stolen from the lab, it is your character's task to recover it and prevent a rogue nation from creating an army of super-soldiers. In the course of the game, you will face a variety of baddies, such as endangered animal traffickers, unethical researchers, and rogue military organizations.

We are greatly inspired by the great RPGs of the past that made the genre popular in the first place.


It all starts at the Crolimax Lab

The Crolimax lab is named after its founders, Dr. Britta Crotalus, a geneticist, and Dr. Andreas Limax, a cryogenics researcher. Their combined efforts allowed them to develop a genetic enhancement technology, developed by the Crolimax lab, allows the recruits to become faster, stronger, and more intelligent than normal humans.

In order to receive their genetic enhancements and to recover from injuries sustained on missions, Spy DNA agents make use of cryogenic suspension pods.

You'll be sending your character and your squad mate to the cryopods throughout the game to let them heal up or power up their abilities.

Your mission, Commander...

Early on in the game you will happen upon a team of armed criminals in the middle of robbing the Crolimax research lab, taking with them research, mutagens, and even taking hostage some scientists.

Now, it’s going to be your job to figure out who is behind the hit and how to stop them from using the stolen research to create super-soldiers for criminal organizations or rogue nations.

As the story develops, you will grow the skills of your squad and give them new genetic enhancements. Combat complexity and intensity will grow throughout the game to continue challenging you as your party levels up.

Mission types

You will control 1-4 characters depending on the mission. There are three categories of missions. 

Is there such a thing as double-dead?

Is there such a thing as double-dead?

Get information on or acquire an item from a mission. Combat is optional on these missions and depending on location may best be avoided. 
Examples: Photograph target area, steal an item, or plant a bug. 

Low intensity: 
Missions in populated areas, where looking and acting like a soldier would draw too much unwanted attention. These missions are performed with stealth and concealed weapons. 
Examples: Kidnap enemy personnel, assassination, friendly personnel extraction. 

High intensity: 
Missions in remote areas where noise and collateral damage are not a concern. On these missions you can employ the heavy weapons and armor. 
Examples: Neutralize facility, destroy weapons stockpile, capture enemy leader.