About Ivan

Nationality: US-American
Height: 182 cm / 6 ft
Weight: 76 kg / 168 lbs

Ivan is a military veteran and a special weapons expert. His first mission in the field was also his last. Due to faulty equipment his entire squad was wiped out during an overseas deployment. He returned home and moved to a position as a weapons instructor at the Academy.

Ivan quickly grew bored of teaching and began contributing to high-tech weapons research and development. That's when he attracted the attention of the Federal Law Enforcement Agency (FLEA) who soon recruited him for the Spy DNA project.

In the field, Ivan typically carries a RG-20 gauss rifle, with a heavy dart pistol as a backup sidearm. He usually wears light to medium armor. In a pinch he is comfortable using any and all weapons. Karsten often refers to Ivan as the team’s "glass cannon."

In a covert setting Ivan has difficulty blending in due to his combat DNA enhancements. This is why he rarely goes on missions where early detection is a major concern. When he does, he typically carries a P-70 or Pa-19.

During training, Ivan was found to have a far-above-average combination of strength, quickness, and dexterity. As he also passed the high-tech weapons test, he was placed in a high-tech fire support role.

Upon his recruitment into Spy DNA squad, he chose to remain specialized in high-tech firearms. He’s notable for being the first soldier to use the new Magnetar line of Gauss rifles in combat.

Quote: You avoid getting shot by shooting first, and repeating as needed.