About Shin

Nationality: Japanese
Height: 174 cm / 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs

Shin started his career with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, working his way up to Detective in the Homicide division. He is famous for being able to tail the suspects for hours without being noticed, which earned him his callsign, "Sneakers." It didn't hurt that he's fond of wearing athletic footwear.

After seeing how many lives are ruined due to organized crime activities, Shin developed a passion bordering on obsession for bringing down criminal organizations. When it became clear to him just how internationally connected these groups were, Shin requested to be seconded to the Singapore INTERPOL office, where his investigative talent drew the attention of FLEA (Federal Law Enforcement Agency).

Shin joined the Spy DNA squad on the condition that he can use FLEA's intelligence resources to continue his pursuit of a yakuza group tied in with smuggling of weapons-grade uranium. The fact that fighting organized crime is one Spy DNA's missions made it easy for Shin to move halfway across the globe to join.

Shin spends most of his waking time investigating organized crime, but every now and then he allows himself a few hours of downtime. In those hours, you're most likely to find him playing video games.

He's not going to brag about it, but back in his teens, he used to hold a Pro license with the Japanese eSports Alliance, and won the world title in Street Boxer XXIII Tournament 2062. These days, he's switched to mostly playing tactical squad games and multiplayer FPS games such as Cry of Honor and MaxExxtreme Force.

Shin worked his way from the ground up, and is a strong believer in letting one's actions speak for themselves, instead of words. He noticed that many people take his reserve and modesty for dullness and mediocrity, but instead of being upset about that, Shin fully embraced this ability of his as an asset for furthering his investigations.

He plays his personality to the fullest by lulling his marks into a false sense of security, only to give them all the rope they need to hang themselves.