About Karsten

Nationality: German
Height: 190 cm / 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 92 kg /  203 lbs

Karsten is a very friendly and generous person who will gladly go to great lengths to help his friends. This character trait of his led to trouble in the past, where the combination of his desire to help and his lackluster intelligence has led him to trust the wrong people.

Eventually his luck ran out and while helping protect his "friends" at their remote cabin in the woods he saw a bit too much. They shot him and left him for dead, but somehow Karsten managed to trek 12km to the closest village with two bullets in the gut. Still this led to his discharge for inappropriate behavior while off-duty.

A FLEA recruiter approached Karsten soon after his discharge, and Karsten was glad to join the Spy DNA squad. Due to his past experiences, Karsten has a tendency to seek out the heaviest armor.

With the appropriate genetic enhancements to match his style, Karsten is now considered an asset as a one-man army when staying covert is not a concern. Nuri enjoys his approach because while all the attention is on him, she can usually sneak around unnoticed.

His heavy armor implants, scars, and tendency to use the heaviest weapon available, mean he is rarely taken on missions other than high-intensity combat.

Karsten shies away from high-tech and just prefers big and loud guns. In the field, he typically carries a 7mm rifle, grenades, and the heaviest armor he can get his hands on. For a sidearm he carries an 11mm pistol. He claims no one would notice it under his jacket if the commander would let him tag along when casual outfits are needed. However, the team is dubious of this claim.

Known for being about as subtle as a wrecking ball and almost as durable, Karsten made a name for himself with his somewhat reckless approach to combat.

Karsten also has a bit of a fatalist streak, often expecting the worst outcome.

Quote: I wear this armor because it turns out, if Iā€™m in range, so is the enemy.