Lead a squad of genetically enhanced agents on the trail of organized crime and international intrigue.

Timeline replaces rigid "action points" in Spy DNA, allowing player more freedom of action.

We want to offer our players rich gameplay and visual polish. The game will be available to play on Windows PC platform.


How we’re different

Our goal is to bring a new level of intensity to gameplay by creating a believable and realistic world. 

We started by creating a combat system that feels as much as real combat as possible.

Weapons behave like in the real world.
We’ve created a physics-based model of the weapons. The projectiles lose damage and armor penetration over distance as you would expect.

The most important thing in a firefight is figuring out what you hit when you shoot. We built a virtual firing range for the developers to use to dial in the accuracy. We even dug up a bunch of shooting records and guidelines from the real world to use as benchmarks for our virtual weapons.

Armor works as it does in reality.
In real life armor is rated for the type of bullets it STOPS. Buy a piece of armor, get hit with a round it’s rated for, and you’ll end up with nothing worse than a (bad) bruise. However, if the bullet isn’t stopped, it’s still going to hurt, a lot. 

Getting shot, stabbed, blown up, or set on fire are Really Bad Things™.
It’s far better to avoid them than to try to “tank” them.