About Ros

Nationality: Israeli
Height: 181 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 76 kg / 168 lbs

Rostam is a life-long martial artist. Before joining the agency he was an expert consultant to the Mossad training their agents in melee fighting techniques. Rostam was recruited by his long time friend, Nuri, to join the agency. He excells on missions where it's impossible to take normal weapons with him. Once past the security checkpoint he can usually make use of whatever is handy, with his bare hands being a more than adequate backup.

Ros places great importance on looking his best, and is surprisingly good at avoiding damage to his formal wear in a fight.

Rostam is a nature lover, and taking care of animals is a passion of his. Ros rescued his pet hawk, Razor, when he found her ill from having eaten a poisoned rat. She was unable to fully recover and could not be returned to the wild. Ros and Razor formed a bond during her lengthy recovery. In his home country of Israel, Rostam used to practice falconry in his off time. 

When he was just beginning his martial arts teaching career, Ros made extra money choreographing fights for the movies. It was while trying to choreograph a fight for a TV commercial that he made acquaintance of a violent 19-year-old model called Nuri, after she had injured both stunt people he was working with. Several bruises and a few broken ribs later, a friendship was formed. He suggested she try spycraft, where she could beat up bad people, rather than innocent stuntmen, leading her to MI6.

Ros is the calm mind of the team. He is very laid back and easy-going. Even in combat he retains a very level head, never seeming stressed or overwhelmed.

If there is one thing that can make him lose his cool, it’s witnessing someone hurt an animal. On more than one occasion he’d set people straight for mistreating their pets.