About Ronda

Nationality: Canadian
Height: 162 cm / 5ft 4 in
Weight: 58 kg / 128 lbs

Ronda is the hardest-working member of the team.  She has a laser focus on the task at hand and attacks it with tireless resolve.  Without any one exceptional skill, and lacking good social skills, she was always working hard to prove herself.  This has led to decent skills in a lot of areas making her one of the few people to mix both good technical and combat skills.  

Ronda is one of the few soldiers to ever score a perfect score on all of her written qualification tests.

Ronda is considered to have an eidetic memory, which allows her to retain and recall most of the information she encounters. She can recite the text of a page if only allowed to take one look at it, and is excellent at remembering complex floor plans and wiring diagrams.

She paid for her first vehicle with winnings from a trivia contest.

Ronda is a bookworm. When nothing needs doing she can usually be found reading and learning. She lacks the social skills almost entirely.