Hello world

Shy Snake now has a home on the web, where we can tell the world what we're up to.

Right now, we're working on our first game.

It will be a turn-based 3rd-person game, set a few years in the future. We don't have a name for the game yet, but we still want to tell you about it.

The two main things we think many gamers will like about our game is the timeline-based approach to the turns, and a realistic damage system.

Timeline-based turns means that the turns for each character may have different duration, depending on the character's attributes for that particular action (physical or mental quickness, for example), or any impairment (such as injuries or fatigue.) 

What does this mean for gameplay? It means that if your character's turn is 0.5 seconds long, you'll get to go again after 0.5 seconds of game time have elapsed. Other characters' turns may be longer or shorter, and the game will pause when it's one of your character's turn to go.

This also means that you won't be trowing away action points at the end of the round because what you wanted to do didn't fit cleanly into how the game was dividing the time. We'll calculate how long a particular action will take a character, and they'll be done with it when they're done. And that's when they get to do something else.

The realistic damage system means that we won't just calculate whether you hit your target (or the enemy NPC hit your character), but we'll also calculate hit location, and base the impairment of the injured character on that.

In simpler words, this means that if the character gets shot in the head, no matter how many damage points they have, they will probably have to lie down for a while. A really long while.

So, this is it for today. There'll be more updates later, so stay tuned.