What is it all about?

In the future, all LEDs are blue.

In the future, all LEDs are blue.

Psst! Want to know a secret? I’ve been working on the script for the new game, and got a rough outline done!

Want to know what the game is going to be about?

It’s going to be set in a not too distant future, so you should still recognize the tech. The difference will be, that it will just work. And there will also be lasers and railguns and other futuristic weaponry. And genetically enhanced soldiers.

Right, that’s what the game will really be about: Leading a squad of genetically enhanced warriors in a fight to save the world. Because anything less doesn’t require an international squad of super-soldiers.

So as a player, you’ll have your main character, who is the squad leader, and a selection of similarly enhanced troops to support you. Each of them has a specialty, like sniping or explosives, or maybe even interrogation. Don’t hold me to any of that though, because the game is still pretty much a work in progress, and everything can change. But you get the idea.

Between deployments you and your buddies chill in cryogenic storage pods. Why? Well, on one hand, it’s the future, and apparently it’s the thing to do. Also, if your government-funded project just sank millions into creating a handful of super-soldiers, you don’t want them to just be hanging around aging, so that in ten years you need to make and train a bunch of new ones. That’s just wasteful, and even in the future, the money is tight.

So about that government project. It has a lab and a whole secret base where the scientists can do their research and keep an eye on the cryo-pods, to monitor the cryogenically stored soldiers and revive them as needed. Like, when the world is in danger.

When the game starts, you find your character waking up in their pod, and the lab has obviously been attacked while you were sleeping. The whole place has been turned upside-down and a bunch of people have been shot. Nasty business.

Now, it’s going to be your job to figure out who done it, what they were after, and how to stop them.

Sounds good so far? Wait till you see the rest of the story.

But if you were wondering what I’ve been up to since the last blog update, now you know.

By Alex Maier, Shy Snake founder