Gearing up for Kickstarter

As you may have heard us say once or twice, we’re getting ready for our Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to launch it in a couple of weeks (so stay tuned!), when all the parts are ready.

What are all the parts?

Well, we’re updating the UI (see Jason’s post), and making the user experience better and clearer overall. We’re improving our game’s fog of war, and of course continuing to work on game levels and artificial intelligence (AI).

Then of course there’s the work on the campaign itself. Before we launch it, we need to define the funding goal so that it’s not too little, not too much, just right. Then there’s the stretch goals, which are things that we would like to include in the final game, but can do without, if we don’t exceed the funding goal by a sufficient amount. There’s some math involved, and also some inspired guesses.

Funding levels and associated rewards packages are also a big deal. We’re trying hard to find things that people will find appealing, and which we can realistically fulfill on schedule. I hope you like what we’ve got in stock for you!

And finally, there’s the Kickstarter video. You all know it, that’s the thing at the top that gives you the project pitch and explains the team’s motivations. We’ve been working on that too. And just like with the other stuff, it’s also not all that simple.

While we know what inspires us, and why we think our game is awesome, we could talk about it for hours. And we did, in front of a camera, actually. And then we had to cut all this footage down to five minutes. Ouch.

At this point, we have a pretty good approximation for what will go into the video, but we’re still finishing some of the demo footage, and looking for ways to make the video a bit snappier still.

So here we are, so close to launching our project on Kickstarter, and here's a little sneak peek for you.