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Development update from Jason.

We continue to be very busy here trying to get as much done as possible while we are live on Kickstarter. The current task is to get some demos ready. We are working on two different demo levels. One for the intro to the game and some of its RPG aspects, and a second for combat.

The intro level is the first level of the game after character creation. This is where you can walk around the base, meet the staff, and get a feel for the RPG aspects of the game. Alex has entered the dialog for the level and I just finished integration of the new system. Previously we were using a custom dialog solution we created ourselves. We switched to Articy:draft, because Articy makes it much easier to visualize the flow of the dialogs vs the purely text-based solution that we were using.

For combat we are using a test level that isn’t part of the game. We didn’t want to delay a proper combat demo until some of the later maps were finished, so we purchased a military base off the unreal market. Then we filled it in with some NPCs and objectives and re-worked some lighting. The map is serving a few purposes:

  1. AI development. We wanted to quickly create a believable map where the AI could be tested and developed.
  2. Large battle playtesting. The previous map didn’t provide a place where the party could really use long range weapons.
  3. A demo!

We don’t have an exact ETA for when these will be ready, though our goal is to finish them while the Kickstarter is still active. 

If you are a journalist or reviewer interested in a demo, let us know.