Spy DNA has been Greenlit on Steam!

We've made it! In under two weeks, actually.

Alex has always considered thirteen (along with other primes) to be a lucky number. And it sure was a lucky number of days for us to get the Greenlight thumbs-up.

Thank you everyone for voting and for being our supporters as we work on getting Spy DNA ready for you.

Next stop: Early Access. We're shooting for Q2 this year. For now, there's a bunch of paperwork and prep work on Steam, and of course a lot of coding. We'll announce the Early Access launch date when we know it ourselves.

Stay tuned!

Spy DNA now has a Steam Greenlight Concept page

Folks, we've got some exciting news for you! Spy DNA now has its very own Steam Greenlight Concept page, where you can discuss it with other Steam users and provide your feedback to the team.

We watch the comments very closely and reply to questions and feedback as they come in.

So go ahead, visit Spy DNA on Steam and give us a thumbs up if you like what you see!