What's the name of the game?

The year is 2075.

The Federal Government has just funded the Crolimax Lab, a top-secret team of scientists working to create the world's first genetically enhanced intelligence agency.

Your mission, Commander, is to lead these super-spies in the fight against evildoers worldwide.


Drumroll! The game has a title!

"Spy DNA" name hints at the secret genetic enhancement technology developed by the Crolimax Laboratory, where the main character their squad are turned into super-spies.

"Spy DNA" by Shy Snake is the next generation of 3rd person strategy games, offering hyper-realistic timeline, weapons, and damage modeling.

We at Shy Snake have set out to take the sci-fi strategy game genre to its logical next step, innovating where the great predecessors left off. We've developed an engaging and complex plot, and set it in a rich world of the not-so-distant future.

We're building "Spy DNA" to be an immersive game which will take both brain and brawn to complete.