Get ready for the demo

The public demo is shipping in February. Learn where to get it and what's inside.

What's inside?

As we are getting close to the first public demo of Spy DNA, we wanted to give you a quick overview of what will be included in the demo release, and where we are with development. Let’s start with some of the major features we want to show.

The demo starts with character creation. On the first play-through, character creation starts with a personality questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to help the players get a set of attributes which are best suited to their play-style. In the shipping game there will be other options for character creation to give the player more direct control over the creation process, but not in the demo. After picking your attributes you are taken to the base.

Upon arrival, the tutorial will start, covering the basics of camera control, character management, and combat. 

The base is where you spend your time between missions. It is located on a small island and features the medical facility, an intel/ops center, scientific research offices, the cryogenic storage vault, and extensive training grounds with a 1000m shooting range and a breach-and-clear area.

Between missions you can use the facilities at the base to heal and train your characters. This is also where you can view and accept available missions and pick the team you will take with you. Each team member has at least two outfits, field and casual, and some (including the Commander) will also have a fancy outfit for blending in with a posher crowd.

For the loners among you, we allow the player not to take any other squad members on the missions and go it alone for an added challenge.

Aside from the base map, all mission maps in the demo will be procedurally generated, to allow for high replayabilty. The demo will include a minimum of five missions, covering several terrain types and times of day.

In summary, here’s what you can expect from the demo release:

  • Character creation
  • UI and HUD tutorial
  • Shooting range to try all the weapons outside of combat situation
  • A minimum of five missions with procedural maps for higher replay value
  • Four playable team member characters to accompany the Commander on missions

Where and how will you get the demo?

When the demo is ready (some time this month!), we will announce it here on the blog, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, and Tumblr.

The download will be available on as well as and (links TBD). The demo will be free to download and play, and we’d love your help in spreading the word about it.

What then?

Once the demo is out the door, and the feedback we get from the community is coming in, we’ll be going to Steam Greenlight. The date of the Greenlight campaign is not yet set in stone, because it’ll depend on whether our demo players will discover any issues that need fixing beforehand.

If you have any questions or ideas, hit us up on social media!