Putting the "super" in super-spy

For the upcoming demo we have put the first round of genetic enhancement in the game. In the course of the game you will acquire enhancements as part of the story line. All player character will start with at least one enhancement.


In Spy DNA each squad member has a number of slots where enhancements can be placed. For example the arms have two slots. One slot is for skin modification while the other is for muscle. Example enhancement for the skin are armor, camouflage, or special attacks such as a shocking touch.

When enhancing your character you can either fill an empty slot, or replace an existing enhancement. If you want to use a modification for a slot that’s already occupied, you have to remove the enhancement that’s currently there.

The standard enhancement that each squad member will have is medical, which effectively auto-applies first aid to any injuries the character may supper. Also as part of creating a character their neural information is scanned and backed up to help restore them even after extensive brain injury. This allows the medical staff at the base to fully heal a character as long as they make it off the field alive.

In the upcoming demo each playable character will come fitted with implants which work best with their combat style.

As you’ve seen in our earlier post, some of the squad will have armored skin (Wolf and Bear), stronger muscles and bones (Bear), or higher-resolution retinas and fine motor control (Skeeter).

However, we are not revealing the full enhancement list at this time, so the majority of enhancements will be unveiled later as we move into early access.

Stay tuned!