Xmas at Spy DNA

‘Twas the night before Xmas at Spy DNA
All missions completed, all agents home safe.

The spies getting sleepy, and ready for bed
When roaring of rotors came from helipad.

The agents ran up to the window and saw
A FLEA helicopter had landed below.

What could be the reason for a visit so late?
What was so important that it couldn’t wait?

FLEA agent in charge saluted our spies
“Lieutenant St-Nicols, support and supplies.”

“I need you to sign,” lieutenant continued,
“For receipt of the goods contained in this shipment.”

“Five gallons of vodka, five gallons of rum.
Deluxe set of dumbbells, two-point-oh-three tons.

“Assortment of fireworks and incendiary rounds
With fuses and det-cord. Makes three hundred pounds.

“A new Gauss rifle with wind compensation
Steel-toed velvet pumps with heel stabilization.

“A DIY kit for a race airplane
And access credentials for quantum mainframe.

“A gift set of knives, shuriken, and nunchucks.
VR gamer system with goggles and gloves.

“Here, sign on this line, so we can go on.
“We have a few stops still left before dawn.”

With that the Lieutenant gave sign to the pilot
And the chopper took off leaving agents behind.

Karsten and Zoe, Ivan, Ronda and Shin
Tank, Nuri, and Ros rushed to open their gifts.

Though gifts were so many, there was no confusion.
Each knew which was theirs. What would be your conclusion?