Character creation in Spy DNA

by Jason Sams, Lead Developer

When you download and start to play Spy DNA, one of the first experiences you will have is creating your character. We want to make a good first impression, so we’ve spent some time making the new game experience look and feel more like the rest of the game.

Here is a screenshot from the updated “New Game” screen.

Spy DNA (64-bit Development PCD3D_SM5)  2019-01-30 16_07_33.png

You can compare this to the old “New Game” screen.


We have split the new game options across multiple pages to allow for us to describe what effects on your game experience each of the choices will have. It will also gives us more room to put in more options for gameplay customization and difficulty options.

As you make your choices, the next page becomes available.

Here you can see the gameplay effects that will occur based on changing how a character looks. The choices here are merged with the choices you later make going though the character personality questionnaire. We don’t show raw +/- value at this stage, because the values are not simply added. We tried this, but found we needed an additional step to combine the values that would produce more human-like results.

We combine the choices in a way that preserves your ranking. So whatever values you prioritized will continue to be your strongest attributes. What we add is a rounding of the character. So for example if you made a character that focused on strength, you will also get smaller buffs to other strength related attributes such as stamina and quickness.

We will have screenshots of the gameplay and difficulty options in future update. Right now they are still undergoing some changes.

Please let us know what your think of the new UI look for the new game screen.